About Us

Rakoit is a company based on Shenzhen,China ,focusing on streaming audio hardware design and manufacturing since year of 2014. Besides designing hardware, Rakoit could also offer streaming audio related software design,app design, streaming services integration services to fit the demand from our customers and help our customers’s project to be cost-effective and spec a head of others in the market.


At end of 2018, Rakoit also start voice enabled products development ,it includes two main types, network required or non-network required(offline). Those technolocay can be integrated to quite many poluplar types of products ,such as smart voice speaker, car accessory ,smart home panels or home applicance products. 


Rakoit is a very customer oriented ,technology innovated and resposiable company,aming to be the best and long term partner for your OEM/ODM projects .


We have been in the audio streaming filed for more than 5 years,designed and worked on many great products with our customer together to be sucessful in the market .