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Is ES9038Q2M a good DAC?


Clean and high-quality audio creates an impact on the users. Who even wants to hear different voices at the same time? It establishes a fuss! If you have been trying to achieve a precise and compelling sound, digital-to-analog converters (DAC) are for you.

They assimilate the digital signals and convert them into high-quality analog sounds. The quality of sound is far better. ES9038Q2M emerges as a strong contender for the best DAC on our list. Is it worth the hype? Let’s have a deep discussion on this topic!


Section 1: Technical Specifications of ES9038Q2M

ES9038Q2M DAC is quite famous for its excellent performance in audio conversion. The credit for high-quality output goes to its advanced specifications. These are:

Resolution and sample rate

ES9038Q2M offers a perfect resolution, allowing for better voice quality. It supports up to 32 bits for a pulse code modulation. Plus, its compatibility with tons of frequency samples is quite impressive. Try it with 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192 kHz, and even higher ranges.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Signal to Noise Ratio is a decisive point in favor of ES9038Q2M DAC. The 129 decibels ratio masks all the background noises. Even small hissing sounds are brushed off with such a range. So, you’ll get a clean sound with clear audio.

Dynamic Range

Get a clean sound range of up to 134 decibels with ES9038Q2M DAC. It adds soft sounds and improves the overall quality. You can hear your sounds effectively while keeping the noises miles away.

Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise

Do you need Distortion-free sound? ES9038Q2M suits perfectly to your taste. Its total Harmonic Distortion below -120 decibels prevents distortion even for nanoseconds. Clarity with the continuity is something this DAC bestows to the users.

PCM and DSD Support

If you need PCM support, the ES9038Q2M DAC is superior. With the support of PCM up to 32-bit/768 kHz, try any audio format in the range. Include the audio files FLAC, WAV, AIFF, and ALAC flawlessly in your system. DSD support makes you even better at fighting all the sound distortion.

Digital Filters

The built-in digital filters are a blessing for audio lovers. Customize the sounds according to your needs with the following filters.

  • Linear phase
  • Minimum phase
  • Hybrid digital filters


Power requirements

ES9038Q2M works on a low power. That means you can efficiently save the energy costs and maximize the output. Adding sweets to your buckets with performance will be a cost-effective choice in the long term.

Section 2: Advantages of ES9038Q2M in audio solutions

ES9038Q2M can be a pro-range tool for audio solutions. It nurtures users with many sound quality, performance, and output benefits.

Here are a few points to impress you with the ES9038Q2M performance.

High-fidelity Audio Production

Relax! And believe in the ES9038Q2M power. It eliminates all the background noises. Improves the clarity of sounds. Plus, no distortion in sound immerses the listeners into the realm of sound magics.

Audiophiles and sound enthusiasts can relish the real taste of music. Enhanced clarity in sounds can provide an excellent experience.


If you have questions about different audio formats, wipe them out! The wide range of audio support is another treat that is available to users. Whether it is DSD format range or PCM, ES9038Q2M DAC supports all of them. Even the output comes out in different formats, allowing users to choose the desired format and enhance the sound luxury.

Customized Sounds

Listen to the desired sounds. It is possible with the customizable filters in the DAC. You can choose the linear or hybrid filters based on your needs. If you don’t want to try, use different filters and specify your most fancy sound range. Listen to your favorite sounds and expect the next-level support.


ES9038Q2M DAC isn’t very expensive when comparing the cost-to-benefit ratio. Its mind-blowing durability keeps users on the doors to grab a chance for this audio converter.

You’ll be even more surprised to hear about low power consumption. It keeps energy costs down, too. Such a cost-effective solution is quite influential for businesses and gives powerful support with excellent performance.

Reliable performance

This DAC promises constant performance for years. Specify your filter range and customize the sounds. Finally, listen to the best sounds on your phones or audio devices with the required output.

Professional-grade audio quality and high performance keep you engaged with the different sound levels.

Section 3: Commercial Applications of ES9038Q2M

If you have been wondering about the practical use of ES9038Q2M DAC, welcome to its realistic world. Here are some audio solutions with its use.

Home Theater Kit

Some singers and professional audiophiles eliminate the hassles of creating studios. They are immersed in the sounds within their home. Such a home theater kit has all the tools like audio receivers and amplifiers.

ES9038Q2M DAC brings in the best quality recording. Audio receivers and amplifiers allow tons of filters to record and edit the audio files. Various output formats facilitate versatility for users.

Portable Audio Players

The recent trends have elevated the value of portable audio players. Owing to the consistent performance of ES9038Q2M DAC, portable audio players use this digital-to-analog converter. Improve the sound quality with high performance.

Moreover, there are no restrictions on transport with excellent energy savings. Superior quality sounds are another benefit of using this DAC in such applications.

Headphone Amplifiers

Headphone amplifiers also use this technology if you are an active listener watching Netflix on your devices. Eliminating background voices and reproducing excellent sounds provides a flawless experience for the listeners.

Adequate sound amplification and filter availability give the full personalization opportunity.

Recording Studios

Many professional recording studios need to record clear voices. Professional singers need to amplify their voices and make it more appetizing for the listeners. Then, ES9038Q2M comes out to be a million-dollar deal. Its accurate signal capturing and reproduction places it in high-end recording tools. Plus, outstanding sound amplification allows for productive output.

Audio amplifiers

If you anticipate the quality future of audio tools, ES9038Q2M can be the right deal. Audio amplifiers, music streamers, and digital-to-analog converters often use this system. It offers uncompromising quality of sound without distortion!

Section 4: Market Comparison

ES9038Q2M is not a single DAC in the market. It has many other competitor tools, such as Burr-Brown, that develop the high-performance feature.

ES9038Q2M DAC stands out in the following features:

  • Non-stop performance makes it different from other tools.
  • There are tons of filters. All such filters aren’t available in other competitors.
  • Lower costs make it different from other options.

We have added a table to facilitate a detailed comparison for you further. Check it out!




Burr-Brown DAC

Cirrus Logic DAC

Technical Specifications

High-res support: up to 32-bit/768 kHz PCM, DSD512

Similar res/sampling rate support

Varies, typically up to 24-bit/192 kHz

Varies, typically up to 24-bit/192 kHz


SNR: up to 129 dB

Competitive SNR

Competitive SNR

Competitive SNR


Dynamic range: up to 134 dB

Comparable dynamic range

Comparable dynamic range

Comparable dynamic range


Pristine audio, exceptional clarity, low distortion

Smooth, natural sound, good detail retrieval

Neutral, transparent sound, accurate imaging

Dynamic, lively sound, good resolution


PCM & DSD support, digital filters, multiple outputs

Similar features

PCM & DSD support, selectable filters, outputs

PCM & DSD support, proprietary filters, outputs

Market Reputation

Widely used in high-end audio equipment

Popular among audiophiles, audio manufacturers

Respected for reliability, transparency

Praise for dynamic sound, wide compatibility


Competitive pricing

Varies depending on model and features

Varies depending on model and features

Varies depending on model and features

Section 5: Business Benefits of ES9038Q2M DAC

From a business perspective, it is one of the best investments. Here are a few points which favor it.

Diversity of applications.

Introduce new products and amplifiers for your music. Gain the attention of consumers with such a flawless performance of this technology. You can incorporate it into different tools, such as headphones, audio receivers, amplifiers, and home theater kit.


There are two key benefits.

  • Lower rates
  • Low energy consumption

Such features give it an absolute value as a cost-effective audio solution. Impressive performance keeps your music streaming on expected levels.

Excellent Brand Image

High-quality audio production and superior performance do nothing but elevate your brand image. It presents your business to market in a new way. Consumers start endorsing such audio solutions and bring in a chain of referral. In a short period, you can become a reputable business.

100% customer satisfaction

Customers trust such reliable solutions in the market. Excellent audio quality engages them better and wins 100% satisfaction. You can skyrocket your sales and create a monopoly with such excellent audio solutions. Elevate your brand reputation as well.


ES9038Q2M DAC is a perfect solution for the audio equipment. Excellent performance, lower costs, and diversity of audio formats make it a preferred choice.

All you have to do is to find an audio equipment manufacturer. If you don’t have one, Rakoit has tons of audio solutions. Dig into numerous audio tools right away!

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