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home audio system

How Much Does a Whole Home Audio System Cost?

By Simon | June 25, 2024

The term “whole-home audio” might make you think it’s a pricey audio solution, needing a whole lot of equipment to install, However, it’s actually a savvy investment that offers numerous benefits well worth the cost. When it comes to analyzing these expenses there’s no one fixed price for all. On average, budgeting for a whole-house […]

home audio 1

What Are the Benefits of Whole Home Audio Setup?

By Simon | June 17, 2024

Ever imagine a business environment where each room is filled with clear, high-quality sound, fostering a dynamic and engaging workplace? That’s the real magic of a Whole Home Audio Setup that transforms your office into a cohesive and efficient ambiance. This isn’t just a luxury but more of a strategic move for businesses because, with […]

multiroom system

How to Plan Your Whole Home or Multi-room Music System

By Simon | June 12, 2024

  Setting up a whole-home or multi-room music system used to be a luxury only to those who could afford costly installations. But now, thanks to technological advancement, it’s becoming more doable for everyone. Just like with anything else in life, when thinking about getting your space wired for sound, you definitely need a game […]

multizone ampliefier

How to Set Up a Whole Home Audio System

By Simon | June 3, 2024

Nothing takes the edge off you after a demanding day at the office, like the therapeutic power of music. Believe it or not, achieving this auditory serenity isn’t just a dream, it’s entirely feasible by setting up a whole space music streamer. Much like an architect crafts a home, you can architect your audio solutions […]

What is the Best Sounding Amp Class

By Simon | May 23, 2024

Introduction Once you choose the right amplifier class, you can expect a better sound quality in your audio systems. The various amplifier classes like Class A, AB, D, and H plays a crucial role in affecting audio quality. The result in the efficiency and type of signal processing differs from one class to another. The […]

What is a Turntable Preamp? Learn All You Need to Know About Phono Preamps

By Simon | May 17, 2024

  The use of vinyl records and turntables is something that was popular in the past. However, the use of these audio devices became outdated with the introduction of more portable and sophisticated devices like MP3 players and more. However, recent times have shown a reemergence of these vintage vinyl record players and turntables, and […]

4 zone network amplifier

How RS 232 Controlled Revolutionizing Home Audio

By Simon | May 15, 2024

Discover the future of home entertainment with RS 232 controlled smart whole home audio systems. Experience seamless integration, unparalleled control, and immersive sound like never before in your smart home. In the era of smart home solutions where technology intertwines with daily living, the demand for intelligent, customizable, and seamlessly integrated audio solutions has skyrocketed. […]

dac AMP

Is ES9038Q2M a good DAC?

By Simon | May 10, 2024

Introduction Clean and high-quality audio creates an impact on the users. Who even wants to hear different voices at the same time? It establishes a fuss! If you have been trying to achieve a precise and compelling sound, digital-to-analog converters (DAC) are for you. They assimilate the digital signals and convert them into high-quality analog […]

Turntable preamp BP50

What Does a Preamp Do for a Turntable?

By Simon | May 6, 2024

The crackle and the warmth of vinyl are on revival! Platters are spinning around again; as a result the physical music experience is reviving. However, unlike digital sources, turntables do need a little bit of assistance to fill your room with the music streamer you love. That’s where a preamplifier, or preamp for short, comes […]

new features

New Features – Go Control App

By Simon | September 5, 2023

Hello everyone, we have released a new feature of the Go Control App. iOS devices please download app in Apple’s APP store. Android phones search for App downloads in Google Chrome. New Features: 1. Custom EQ Adding custom EQ allows you to adjust audio parameters and choose EQ effects according to your preferences. You can […]

new features

New Features – Web Control Interface

By Simon | August 10, 2022

New Features – Web Control Interface We are proudly announced that we have added a new function to our products – the Web Control Interface. To access this interface, you only need to use your web browser, no additional application is needed. You can control current music playback, play Internet radio stations and setup settings […]

firmware update

Firmware Update Info – May 2021

By Simon | May 30, 2021

Firmware Update Details 4.2.9326(firmware) info: <Same for all devices> 1. Reset/Power button function changes: Short press once: Switch input mode; Short press twice: Re-pair Wifi or Bluetooth in Wifi or Bluetooth mode; Short press three times: Restore to factory settings. Long press: Turn on/off; *When device is off, just short press the power button to […]

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