Bluetooth Voice Car Charger VC100

This Car Charger is the world 1st car charger with Siri or google voice control. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and you can use voice command to control your music, phone call, navigation, messages and even smart home devices while you are driving. It is very simple to use, just plug in then connect to your smartphone and you are good to go. You just need to say out the things you want to do and it will do as your command and play sound through your car’s stereo system.

Google Assistant & Siri Voice Control

VC100 support both Google Assistant and Apple Siri. You can use the voice assistant same as using your phone, just say out the wake up command "OK Google" or "Hey Siri" and you can use any functoin hands free.

voice assistant

Hands Free Functions

During driving you can use voice to do many things, like play music, make phone calls, send messages, navigation, check weather, and many more.


Google Assistant/iOS Siri supported APP

VC100 uses your phone voice assistant system, so it is compatible with any android or iOS phone. You can use voice to control any application that works with Google assistant or Siri while you are driving.

Far-Field Voice & Noise Cancellation

With advance far field voice technology, not only the people in the front seat can issue command, the people at the back seat can also control VC100 without any problem. Combine with noise cancellation, VC100 can pick up your activation word even in a noisy environment, especially when you are listening to loud music.

far field
offline command

Offline Voice Command

VC100 can also work without voice assistant, when you are in a place that signal is very weak, like in a tunnel or underground parking lot, you can still issue command to control your mobile like play the music, stop the music, volume up/down, play last/next song, answer the call or reject the call.

Multi language

VC100 support multi language, or be more accurate, it supports the language your phone supports. Nowadays voice assistant knows lots of languages, as long as your phone can speak your language, you can speak to VC100 without any problem.


Compatible to any phone and any car

VC100 uses your phone voice assistant system, so it is compatible with any android or iOS phone, as long as they have Google assistant or Siri enable and Bluetooth function.
You can use VC100 in almost any car, as long as your car has a working power outlet and able to receive FM radio, you are good to go.

No Privacy issue

There are rumors that all voice assistant is always listening to what we said in private, VC100 has ensured this will not happen. VC100 will only send voice to the phone assistant after it hear the wakeup word, in other time it will goes in standby mode and shut down the built-in mic. Since it does not connect to the internet, there is no way your private talks will leak to others.


USB Charger – 5V/3.4A

VC100 also build with 2 USB port for you to charge your mobile phone or other USB device. Each USB port has 5V 3.4A power which is suitable for most USB devices.

VC100 Specification

Power Input Car Power Outlet DC 12-24V
Voice Input Microphone x2
Button Mic Button 1 Click: Start Voice Assistant
2 Click: Change FM Frequency Range
Hold for 2 sec: Mute
Hold for 8 sec: Disconnect BT
FM Radio FM Transmission Range 3 - 5 M
FM Frequency Range 89.3MHz, 94.4MHz, 96.4MHz, 101.4MHz
Bluetooth Bluetooth Version 5.0
Bluetooth Range 10M
Support Audio Format MP2/MP3/MP4/WAV/APE/AAC/FLAC
USB Charger Output Port x2 5V/3.4A
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