Voice Control solution

You need a voice assistant solution for your car accessory or home speaker, but don't want to use the costy Alexa solution? Here is exactly what you need!
Rakoit offers an powerful and reliable voice assistant solution for you, it is easy to use and no application installation is required, it is the ideal solution for in-car or home use products.

Things you can do with voice control

voice control features

Many mobiel applications are supported

voice control apps

Support mulit-languages


What Make Rakoit Solution Better

Our devices are designed to work for 24 /7, you can continuously play music nonstop and access to control the system anytime you want.

Cost Effective
Compare to other famous brand in the market, our devices are less than half the price, which leave you with more budget and is suitable for small projects.

Our devices can play lossless audio format and stream to multiple devices in synchronization, you can easily setup different zones to play different music or same music at the same time.

We provide API documents for easy integration, we also have drivers for smart home system. If you have function request or want to integrate to a smart home system, we can help you do that.

We keep on investing new ideas and technology into our products, to let you have a wide range of products to choose from that best fit your project.

We update our software through OTA in regular basis, we continuously fix bugs, improve user experience and implement new features.

Interested in our products?

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