Bluetooth Preamp

S10 Wirless Preamplifier

S10 is a compact size stereo preamplifier, it has a beautiful case design which combines aluminum and acrylic plate. It has all the connectors and functions you need to change your audio system to wireless music station.

3.5mm jack for analog output
3.5mm jack for analog input
USB host jack for USB storage playback
2.4G WiFi + BT 5.0
Support Airplay,dlna,spotify connect,Qplay, UPnP
Support Music services: Spotify,Tidal,Tunein,iHeartRadio,QQMusic


S50 Pro Wirless Amplifier

S50 Pro is a wireless stereo preamplifier that uses ESS Sabre DAC and AKM ADC. It can decode upto 24bit 192Khz audio, support Airplay, DLNA and UPnP. With multiple devices, you can form a multiroom audio system in your network.

Line in x2, Line out, SPDIF optical out, coaxial out
USB host jack for USB storage playback
LAN + 2.4G WiFi + BT 5.0
Support Airplay,dlna,spotify connect,Qplay, upnp
Support Music services: Spotify,Tidal,Tunein,iHeartRadio,QQMusic


Wireless Preamplifier for your Audio system

Make your old Hi-Fi audio system new again. Rakoit’s wireless preamplifier lets you access a wide variety of online and local audio content including music streaming services and bring your old Hi-Fi system to modern age. You can enjoy your favorite music with your Hi-Fi audio system streaming wirelessly from your mobile, PC or online music services.

What is Wireless Sterero Preamplifier?

While many audio enthusiasts moving toward multi-channel audio, the need for high quality 2 channel audio among audiophiles is still a major concern. A strong market still exists for 2 channel (stereo) electronics.

Stereo preamplifiers provide audio switching and signal processing without amplification. Typically, stereo preamps won't have all the fancy features found on the latest AV preamps or AV receivers, but nowadays, you can find stereo preamps with built-in DAC, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth functionality and even streaming from online music services.

Why choose us?

Rakoit is specialized in streaming audio system, we do our own hardware and software design, streaming audio service integration and manufacture. Our products have the same level of quality of other famous brand, but with only half the price. We continuously upgrade our product software and bug fixed, and we are open to listen to user feedbacks and suggestions to make our products better, and they are always good idea source for our new products.

How to make your speakers into wireless speakers

So you have a pair of wired speakers connected to your favorite stereo receiver, or you have a pair of self-powered speakers, or a 2.1 system perfect for watching movies. But all of your friends are buying smart speakers that they can talk to or at least play music on, and you want to participate in a wireless Revolution.

There are many ways to bring a wireless connection into your current setup, You don't need to buy new speakers to connect wirelessly. You can buy wireless pre-amplifier which is relatively cheap and easy to implement. If you have good passive speakers, you can buy wireless amplifier with your desire output power. If you want to upgrade your existing system, there are many DIY wireless audio receiver boards or amplifier boards that are very easy to use to customize your audio system.


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