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Firmware Update Info – Aug 2020

Firmware Update Details

4.2.8422(firmware)/3.01.200717(android)/2.8.8517(iOS) update info:

<Same for all devices>

1. Alarm Clock

2. Redo USB playback – now support display folders

3. Support adding USB list and UPNP song list to pre-set buttons

4. Support adding Deezer song list to pre-set buttons

5. Tunein can now import external radio station link

<For mini v3, pro v3, amp 2.0 v3, amp 2.1>

  1. AUX/Bluetooth/USB audio, audio source support multiroom synchronize
  2. Support L/R channel switch in non WiFi mode
  3. Improve Treble/Bass adjust, increase the steps between highest point and lowest point
  4. Fixed Treble/Bass not sync to App issue.

<For all the other models:>

1. Fixed system slow down when playing Tunein

2. Adjust ADC key mapping

3. Add more steps for long pressing volume button

4. Improve volume steps (This is the one that fix the low volume is too loud issue)

5. Disable mode button during factory reset

6. Will play last music when pushing play button in WiFi mode.

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