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Firmware Update Info – May 2021

Firmware Update Details

4.2.9326(firmware) info:

<Same for all devices>

1. Reset/Power button function changes:

Short press once: Switch input mode;

Short press twice: Re-pair Wifi or Bluetooth in Wifi or Bluetooth mode;

Short press three times: Restore to factory settings.

Long press: Turn on/off;

*When device is off, just short press the power button to active the device

2. In multiroom mode, set volume of master by remote/knob/key, will also sync the volume change to slave unit. APP can adjust volume separately for each unit.

3. When add gain on treble and bass, add a negative pregain meanwhile. To prevent the distortion.

4. Improved multiroom connection, when one device is connected via ETH, and will grouped with other device for multiroom in router mode. So, the multiroom system will have no distance limitations.

5. Support to remember the last loop mode.

6. when in multiroom mode, sync the EQ settings of the master unit to slave unit.

7. Fixed when connect to Windows 7 PC as USBDAC, will jump back to USBDAC when try to change to use other audio output mode on PC.

For 2.1AMP

1. In multiroom mode, Subwoofer will inform master unit current crossover frequency.

2. Use 2.1AMP Bass knob to adjust the gain of subwoofer channel instead of the BASS gain.

3. Sync the EQ settings with remote and 4stream App, only knob support precise adjustment.

4. Fixed when AMP2.1 ungroup from multiroom function will cause sub channel to have no sound.


1. In multiroom mode, Subwoofer will inform master unit current crossover frequency.

2. Fixed the pop sound when power on Up2Stream AMP SUB.

For S50Pro+

1. Fixed display current volume when switching input mode.

2. Fixed when frequently switching mode on S50Pro+, it will display 00 on the screen.

3. OLED screen will goes off after 10 seconds without any operation.

4. Add a SPDIF IN prompt on the OLED when there is no SPDIF IN detected.

5. Support to turn off OLED screen with display button on IR remote .

6.Close the 12V trigger on S50 Pro+ when no sound is output.

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