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New Features – Web Control Interface

New Features – Web Control Interface

We are proudly announced that we have added a new function to our products – the Web Control Interface. To access this interface, you only need to use your web browser, no additional application is needed. You can control current music playback, play Internet radio stations and setup settings for your device.


Control Current Playback

You can control the volume, Play/Pause, previous/next song, repeat and shuffle function for the current song. You can also change song from the playlist.

Change Input Sources

You can easily change input source for your device.

Play Songs from Your Preset List

You can select to play playlist or stations you setup in the preset list. You can access the 10 preset list you have setup in ease.

EQ Settings

There are lots of EQ options for you to customized your audio performance.

You can tune your audio in real time by changing the Treble, medium and Bass, turn on Deep Bass, select a Equalizer and setup the L&R balance.

Internet Radio Stations

If you have favorite internet radio station and know it’s streaming URL, you can add it in your My Station for easy access. You can add categorize tags to it and make it go public to share to other users.

Static IP Address

In the settings, you can setup static IP address for your device if needed. Or you can just use DHCP for easy WiFi setup.

Manual Firmware Update & Device Name Change

If you need to manually update your Rakoit device firmware, you can do it in the settings. You can also change the device name that will apply to WiFi SSID and Bluetooth Name.

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  1. Hi,

    Where can I fond the web control interface, looks like a very good option for my Arylic boards, especially with the extra EQ options.


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